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Small Crusher Plant

Small crusher plant is based on vertical composite crusher, combined with domestic and foreign fine crushing technology to optimize the design of new products. Its performance has reached the domestic advanced level. It is used for crushing all kinds of hard ore, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, material resistance, cement, coal, glass, ceramics, electric power and other industries. Small crusher wearing parts with high hardness, high toughness, muti-alloy wear resistant material, life increased 2-3 times, the gap between hammer head and impact plate can be adjusted, can meet a variety of material conditions.

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Small Crusher Plant for Sale
Stationary Small Crusher Plant
Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale
Mobile Stone Crusher Plant

Wide application of small crushing plant

Small crusher plant can be designed to be stationary or mobile depending on your project requirements. The plant integrates crushing, screening and feeding operation, which is widely used to process river pebbles, basalt, granite, limestone, quartz, construction waste, concrete, gold ore, iron ore, coal and other stones and minerals.

Features of small crusher plant

(1) Simple and reasonable structure and low operating cost. Using the principle of stone beating, small wear;

(2) High crushing rate and energy saving;

(3) With fine, coarse grinding function;

(4) The moisture content of materials has little influence, and the moisture content can reach about 8%;

(5) Working noise is less than 75 db (db level), with less dust pollution;

(6) Suitable for crushing medium hard and extra hard materials;

(7) The products are cubic, with high density of accumulation and minimal iron pollution;

(8) Impeller self-lining wear small, easy maintenance.

Stone Crushing & Screening Plant for Sale
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Crusher Plant for Sale
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Reasonable design of small mobile crusher plant

Mobile crushing plants are favored by customers because of strong mobility, flexible operation location, low transportation cost, flexible equipment combination and wide application range.

For some special customers, the needed output is not high, but the requirement makes mobile. If the conventional mobile crushing plant is equipped with equipment for customers, it is not only expensive, but also causes a waste of resources. How to solve this problem? Choose small mobile crushing plant! Easy move, high cost performance!

Small mobile crushing plant is mainly aimed at the production scale with the output below 25t/h and the material particle size no more than 20cm. It adopts the structure of placing up and down, occupies a small area, has high flexibility, and can be equipped with diesel engine drive according to local actual conditions.

Pay attention to the parts maintenance

This operation is mainly for the cooling system, electrical system, hydraulic system and oil selection and other aspects of the maintenance work, the specific contents are as follows:

1. Cooling system: the cooling system is mainly to dissipate heat to the crushing plant in time, so in order to prevent the high temperature phenomenon of the station, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the system. The maintenance operation of the system is mainly to check the working condition of the cooling system on a regular basis to ensure that the cooling system is complete and has good performance.

2. Electrical system: for the electrical system of crushing station, the main content of its maintenance is to check whether the wiring post is loose, the wire head, and whether the contact is oxidized or eroded on a regular basis. It is necessary to adjust the generator regulator correctly and reduce the charging current properly. In order to clean up the appearance of the battery on a regular basis, the pile head of the battery should be firmly connected with the positive and negative cable, the height of the liquid level of the electrolyte should meet the requirements, distilled water should be injected in time, and the ventilation holes should be kept unobstructed.

3. Hydraulic system: regularly check whether the hydraulic system pipeline and radiator are leaking, whether the fan is working normally, whether the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil meet the requirements; to clean the hydraulic tank regularly, reduce the internal pollution, maintain the heat dissipation capacity of the hydraulic fuel tank, in addition, in the use of the moving crushing station, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil filter core regularly to ensure that the hydraulic oil pipeline is unobstructed and the oil is clean.

4. Other components: regularly check whether the shell surface of the crusher plant has aging, cracking, shedding phenomenon, some cases should be repaired in time, it is found that the rust part should be removed in time, lacquer, so as not to cause more corrosion aggravation due to Rain Water;

5. All kinds of oil products: hydraulic oil, brake fluid and grease should be selected according to the requirements of maintenance instructions for small crusher plant, and maintenance should be carried out at specified time intervals. The above oil should be added in time when the quantity is insufficient and replaced in time when the quality is not good. In addition, the oil exchange cycle should be adjusted appropriately according to the actual operating conditions.

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