Small Concrete Batching Plant

Small Concrete Batch Plant

Small concrete batch plant for sale is a cost-effective device for construction. Its configuration doesn’t need too high, investment doesn’t need too much, and the return is faster. Batching plant yield is relatively stable, application limit is also extensive. The whole station occupies a small area, and only needs to spend a few manpower and time to complete its maintenance work, which greatly reduces the manpower and financial cost. It is mainly applicable to the construction of new rural cities or roads, bridges and other engineering projects.  

Small concrete mixing plant has compact structure. It is mainly composed of mixing machine, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other system. Simple structure makes it easy to install,disassemble, maintain and check, which can save much energy and time. This kind of concrete plant has models as AJ-25/35.

Small Concrete Batch Plant for Sale
AJ-25 Small Concrete Batch Plant
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h)25
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS500
Mixer Power (kW)18.5
Mixing Cycle Period (s)67
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L)800
Max.Aggregate Size (mm)Φ60
Max. Discharging Height (m)3.8
Overall Weight (ton)≈15
Installation Power (kW)≈65

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Small Concrete Batching Plant
AJ-35 Small Concrete Plant
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h)35
Mixer Model (Mixer Output L)JS750
Mixer Power (kW)30
Mixing Cycle Period (s)72
Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L)1200
Max.Aggregate Size (mm)Φ60
Max. Discharging Height (m)4.1
Overall Weight (ton)≈18
Installation Power (kW)≈75

Benefits of small concrete batch plant

Reasonable design. 

The batching plant is mainly divided into four parts, sand and stone feeding, powder feeding, water and admixture feeding, transport mixing and storage. The whole body of the equipment is cast with integral steel structure, which strengthens the overall structural strength of concrete mixing plant. It is simple and fast to install, and can be applied to various complex topographic structures.

Reliable mixing performance. 

The device adopts spiral double horizontal forced mixer engine. The mixer not only can be strong, but also can achieve a good mixing effect for the concrete with stiffness, plasticity and various proportions, stir evenly and high efficiency.

AJ-35 Concrete Batching Plant in Bangladesh
AJ-35 Batching Plant in Bangladesh
AJ-35 Installation for Bangladesh Client
AJ-35 Installation for Bangladesh Client

Superior parts. 

Spiral conveyor, measurement sensors, pneumatic components, these parts ensure that concrete mixing station can perform well in operation, accurate measuring skills and long service life. Every maintenance parts are set with platform or ladder for enough operation room. The mixing engine can be equipped with high pressure automatic cleaning system. When the device is oil shortage, it can alarm automatically for maintenance.

Environmental protection.

When the device is work, powder operation is carried in the closed system. The powder bin adopts efficient dust collector/spray method to reduce dust pollution.

Small concrete mixer

The mixer has reasonable design, short stirring time, low consumption, low noise, long service life of wearing parts.

The mixing blade and liner are made of wear-resistant material, which is durable, convenient to disassemble and replace.

The driving system and shaft-end seal adopts advanced technology.

Discharge door is pneumatic control. It has three stay points, manual switching off and no noise.

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JS500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale
JS500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer Machine for Sale
JS750 Concrete Mixer Machine

Electric control system of small batching plant

Electric control system is composed of computer host, monitor, printer, communication cable, weighing instrument bridge. It is advanced and reliable.

1. Operation and management in one, easy to operate.

2. Microcomputer centralized control is adopted in the batching system.

3. Mixing station operation data can be saved for more than 10 years, which is convenient for setting and management.

4. Formula can be expressed by Numbers, convenient for users to identify, the number of formula can be dozens.

5. When out of automatic control, the manual operation system can still complete the mixing station control, such as batching, mixing, unloading, etc.

6. The strong current part of the system is self-contained, completely separated from the weak current part, which improves the anti-interference ability of the weak current, greatly simplifies the strong current part, and makes the maintenance more convenient.

Safe operation of small concrete mixing plant

Mixer should be placed in a flat and solid place, supported by support barrel or bracket, not by tire instead of support.

Before starting the mixer, all parts should be checked and confirmed to be good. There are no foreign bodies in the drum and no obstacles around it. The mixer can work only after starting and running normally.

When the hopper of mixer is raised, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper. The hopper should be fixed after work. The inlet and outlet of small mortar mixer should be equipped with strong protective devices.

When the mixer is running, it is strictly forbidden to put the tool into the drum.

When the mixer is maintained on site, fix the hopper, cut off power supply. When personnel enters the drum, there should be guardianship outside.

Power supply should be cut off in case of sudden power failure in operation of mixer. After operation or shutdown, remove surplus material from the drum and clean it with water.

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Cleaning work of small cement mixer

Take regular maintenance work, such as clean, lubrication and oiling.

Before starting concrete mixer, check whether the controller is in good condition. After operation, put water and stone into the drum for 10-15min cleaning, then remove the water and stone. If the worker enters the drum for clean, cut off the power, remove fuse, lock the switch box.

It is forbidden to beat with hammer for cleaning the concrete stored in the drum, only chisel is available.

In winter, clean the drum with water after operation, and remove the water in the water pump, water box and water cube in case of freezing.

Price of small mobile concrete batch plant

Compared with large concrete batching plant, small type is much cheaper. It is a good choice for small-scale construction sites, prefabricated parts factories, small commercial concrete production plant and road maintenance.

Our company has own producing factory. There is no middleman between customers and us, which can save much extra cost for customers. Our concrete mixing plant is reliable and durable with long service life, customers don’t need to replace the plant frequently.

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