Quarry Crusher Plant for Sale

Quarry Crusher Plant

Quarry crusher plant is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, centralized electric control and other equipment. The design output is generally 50-500t/h. To meet different processing needs of customers, conical crusher and dust removal equipment can be equipped. It is applied for limestone, granite, basalt, pebbles, other aggregates, artificial sand-making operation. It is suitable for hydro-power, building material, highway, urban construction. According to different configuration requirements, various models of equipment can be combined to meet customers.

Quarry Crusher Plant for Sale
Quarry Crusher Plant
Quarry Crushing Plant for Sale
Quarry Crushing And Screening Plant

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Features of quarry crusher plant

  • High degree of automation

Except star, stop and daily maintenance, the equipment doesn’t need much labor operation. Combined with electric control system, the whole operation of the equipment is reliable, convenient and energy-saving.

  • Stable performance

Quarry crushing plant has large crushing rate, strong production capacity, easy maintenance, long service life. It can provide large amount of economic profit for customers.

  • Wide use

The equipment is designed for crushing limestone, basalt, silica, pebbles, granite. The finished stones have uniform particle size and good shape. It can provide qualified aggregate for industries and fields, such as highway, railway, water conservancy, etc.

Stone Crushing Plant for Sale
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Process flow of quarry crusher plant

The raw material is transmitted evenly by vibrating feeder to jaw crusher for tough crushing. After rough crushing, the stone is transmitter by belt conveyor to impact crusher for fine crushing; after fine crushing, the stone is transmitted by belt conveyor to vibrating screen for screening and classification.

After screening the stones with different sizes, the stone with qualified particle size is sent to the finished sand pile by conveying system; the stone with unqualified particle size is sent to the impact crusher for crushing again, which forms closed loop with muti cycle.

Particle size of finished product can be combined and classified according to customers’ needs. To protect the environment, dust removal equipment can be installed.

Device layout of quarry crushing production line

When the Mohs Hardness of raw material is less than 320Mpa, such as silica and basalt, the main equipment include: vibrating feeder-jaw crusher (primary crushing equipment)-stone crusher (impact crusher, hammer crusher)-vibrating screen-finished stone. The material is transmitted by belt conveyor.

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Vibrating Feeder
Quarry Stone Crusher
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Quarry Impact Crusher
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Vibrating Screen Cost
Vibrating Screen

When the Mohs Hardness of raw material is less than 150Mpa, to save purchase cost and improve production efficiency, one forming machine is adopted. It mainly includes: vibrating feeder-high efficiency composite stone crusher ( that is, two-in-one crusher, it can crush the stone with ideal particle size)-vibrating screen-finished stone. The material is transmitted by belt conveyor. To learn more, contact us now!

How to maintain quarry crushing production line?

For quarry crushing plant, it produces a large amount of finished stones every day. The worker should maintain and check the wear conditions timely. If the wear is not serious, repair the device timely, if the wear is serious, and the equipment can’t work, replace the components in time.

For maintenance, large machinery equipment need to add lubrication timely. For crusher plant, it is also necessary to add lubricant regularly, which can control the friction between some components. It can also play a role in controlling corrosion when the equipment doesn’t work for a long time, which can improve the service life and production efficiency of the equipment.

Quarry crushing plant is related to many production equipment and production flow. The management is also very troublesome. Technicians should guide the production process, investigate and solve a series of problems in production timely, avoid safe problems in production, ensure the efficiency and orderly production of the equipment.

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Common faults and solutions of impact crusher

  • The bearing of impact crusher heats up

Check whether the lubrication of bearing is good. The lubricating oil should be full of 50% of the bearing capacity in normal conditions. In other case, the lubricating oil become metamorphic and sticky. It needs to clean the bearings and replace new lubricating oil.

  • Abnormal vibration of the equipment:

It may be that the feed size is too large; the wear of wear-resistant parts is uneven, the counterattack hammer needs to be replaced; the rotor is unbalanced and needs to be adjusted and proofread to balance; check whether the anchor bolts of the equipment are fastened and properly strengthened.

  • The discharge grain is too large

It shows that the wear of the plate hammer or the liner of impact crusher is serious, which causes the gap between the plate hammer and impact plate too large, the clearance of the impact frame before and after adjustment, or the replacement of the liner and the plate hammer; adjust the position of the impact frame so that the clearance between the two sides and the liner plate is uniform; if the liner on the rack is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time.

  • There is glue flavor in the operation of the equipment.

Belt skidding, friction and heat with pulley produce pungent rubber smell, or rotor stuck, need to check the rotor in the cavity and solve in time.

  • Reverse broken belt flip

It is mainly due to belt breakage. Replace triangle belt, pay attention to belt quality, or because of the improper assembly of pulley, it is necessary to adjust the active and driven pulley on the same plane.

Understand the operation condition of the equipment, the actual operation condition, and the possible faults, respond and solve the problems in time, and avoid the loss caused by the fault shutdown.

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