Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry mortar production line is mainly composed of sand dryer, screening device, storage of sand, cement, coal ash, admixture, material weighing device, material conveying device, mortar mixer, mortar storage and mortar packaging machine.

The main function is to mix the dried and screened sand with materials in proportion, such as cement, coal ash, admixture into the building mortar, surface mortar and floor mortar. The mortar is supplied to the construction in the form of packaging or bulk.

According to the factory production capacity, dry mortar plant includes two types, small type and large type. The annual output is the range of 100,000 tons to 600,000 tons. According to the layout form, dry mortar production line includes station layout, ladder layout, tower layout. The material flow of tower layout is smooth, the occupation area is small, the structural cost is a lot. Ladder layout increases secondary lifting, the storage is mainly ground arrangement, equipment cost is low, which is a common form of application at present.

Dry Mortar Production Line
Dry Mix Mortar Production Line
Dry Mortar Production Line
Dry Mix Mortar Manufacturing Plant

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Features of tower dry mortar production line

Tower dry mixed mortar production line is also known as the first-order mortar production line. All mortar raw materials are stored in the top, from top to bottom after weighing, mixing, finished product storage and packaging. The material flow of this form is smooth, and the equipment occupies a relatively small area.

For the process layout, the raw materials are stored at the top, the powder materials are transported by pneumatic force, and the granulated materials are fed into the silo through the bucket hoist; at the bottom of the warehouse, the materials are fed into the metering bucket set under the storage bin and weighed, and then mixed into the mixer. The mixed finished mortar enters the transition finished product bucket and then enters the packaging or bulk system respectively. Scattered mortar can be directly loaded into the bulk truck or lifted to the finished product storage warehouse again and then loaded.

The packaging part is that the finished product first enters the intermediate storage bin of the finished product and then packed into bags. Equipment configuration includes systems such as sand drying, screening, storage, metering, mixing, packaging, bulk packing, dust collection and automatic control. Except that the drying and bulk storage bins are generally arranged on the side, other equipment are arranged in vertical stacking, with the height generally exceeding 30m. Due to the height and storage of raw materials, the steel structure is relatively large, so the construction cost is relatively high. To learn more, contact us.

Dry Mix Mortar Production Process
Production Process


Model AF-05 AF-10 AF-15 AF-20 AF-30
Production Capacity (T/H ) 5 10 15 20 30
Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto
Model AF-40 AF-50 AF-60 AF-80 AF-100
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40 50 60 80 100

Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto

Features of ladder dry mortar production line

The invention relates to a standard ladder dry-mixed mortar plant, which is based on a general ladder mortar plant arrangement structure. It adopts a brand-new powder compartment and a finished product bin built-in structure, has the advantages of small occupied area, low cost, low energy consumption and less segregation of production mortar, reliable quality.

System characteristics:

1. Drying system

It adopts the three-return drying drum. The drying efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the water content of the discharge is less than 0.5 percent.

2. Dust removal system

Box cloth bag dust removal, intelligent control pulse back blowing ash cleaning, environmental protection discharge, dust control concentration ≤ 30mg/m3

3. Screening system

Efficient and stable probabilistic screening, efficiency up to 85%, can be quickly overhauled, screen self-cleaning, maintenance-free.

4. Measurement system

The sensor is arranged reasonably, the measurement is accurate, stable, reliable, and the measurement accuracy is better than the industry standard.

5. Mixing system

The horizontal gravity free mixer is adopted, which has the advantages of large volume, high mixing efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform mixture.

6. Control system

Computer visual program control, simple operation, synchronous production management control system, efficient and practical.

Customer Case

AF-20 dry mix mortar production line installation for Zambian customer

AF-20 Dry Mortar Plant for Sale
AF-20 Dry Mortar Plant
Cement Silo
Cement Silo
AF-20 Dry Mortar Prodction Line
AF-20 Dry Mortar Prodction Line
Drum Dryer
Drum Dryer
Packing Machine
Packing Machine
Dust Collector
Dust Collector

Safe operation of dry mortar plant

Dry-mixed mortar input is strictly prohibited full. If there is overflow, stop the machine immediately. 

After inputting the mortar, the tank should be observed carefully. For any abnormal conditions, notify the safety personnel.

The dry mortar in the dust collection bag should be removed in time so as to prevent the tank from bursting due to overfull blocking of the outlet.

Dust collection bags should be waterproof and damp-proof to prevent dry mortar from condensation, resulting in the abandonment of dust collection bags.

It is prohibited to clogging the pipe or using the non-standard dust collection bag.

Feeding joints, mixing equipment and tanks should not be hammered.

Construction machinery and other articles shall not be placed within 8 meters of the mortar pipe and no building shall be built.

Once stop using mixer for more than one hour, remove the blades, clean and wash the blades and inner drum to prevent condensation.

Discovering abnormal sound of motor of mixer, power supply should be cut off immediately and safety personnel should be notified to deal with it.

Why choose our dry mortar production line?

Wide use

The equipment can meet production needs of dry mortar with different features, such as masonry mortar, plaster mortar, mortar required for insulation system, decoration mortar.

High cost performance

The equipment can produce mortar for exterior wall thermal insulation, decoration. The investment cost is low, the return profit is high. It can avoid the equipment idle and resource waste because of too much investment.

Simple operation

The equipment occupies a small area. It has low energy consumption and simple operation. Only 3-6 workers are enough.

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