Dry Mix Mortar Plant for Sale

Dry Mix Mortar Plant

Dry mix mortar plant has advantages of automatic feeding, gas discharging and drum without block, free of dead-corner. It is mainly composed of sand drying system, screening and conveying system, raw material storage system, high efficiency mixing system, automatic batching system, pneumatic balancing system, dust removal system, full-automatic packaging device for bag package.

Our company, a professional supplier in China, is specialized at designing and producing construction machinery, such as asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar plant, concrete batching plant, crushing plant. Our products have been exported to more than thirty counters, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

Dry Mix Mortar Plant for Sale
Dry Mix Mortar Plant
Dry Mortar Plant Manufacturer
Dry Mortar Plant for Sale

Our company provides models of dry mix mortar plant as AF-10, AF-20, AF-30, AFL-40, AFJ-40, AFL-60, AFJ-60. With reliable quality, affordable price, complete after-sales service, our products have won high praise and more repeat customers. If you want to buy durable cost-effective dry mortar plant, just contact us now!

Dry mortar plant specifications

Model AF-05 AF-10 AF-15 AF-20 AF-30
Production Capacity (T/H ) 5 10 15 20 30
Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto
Model AF-40 AF-50 AF-60 AF-80 AF-100
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40 50 60 80 100

Control System Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto Semi-auto/Full auto

Application of automatic dry mortar machine

The automatic dry mortar equipment can produce the following dry mortars:

Bonding mortars: masonry mortar, wall and floor tile adhesive mortar, anchorage mortar etc.

Decoration mortar: decorative plaster, inner and outer wall putty, colorful decoration mortar etc.

Protection mortar: water-proof mortar, anti-corrosion mortar, self-leveling mortar, wear resistance mortar, thermal insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar, repair mortar, mildew-proof mortar, shielding mortar etc.

AF-20 Dry Mix Mortar Plant Installation in Zambia
AF-20 Dry Mix Mortar Plant Installation in Zambia

Working process of dry mortar production line

The main control system of the dry mixing mortar production line issues the production order according to the selected process formula, and the system automatically extracts the raw materials from the storage bin according to the proportion. After the counterweight, the raw materials are fed to the mixing bin and the gravity free high-efficiency mixer to realize the rapid mixing operation(3-5 minutes). After the mixing accuracy is met, the finished mortar is conveyed to the finished product warehouse with secondary mixing function to enter the automatic filling process. The newly-designed automatic packaging machine performs the scheduled quantitative filling operation as required, greatly improving the output efficiency, and the packed finished products are sent to the finished product area for delivery.

High quality parts of our dry mix mortar plant

Energy-saving and efficient drying system

Reasonable process layout, compact structure, it can be equipped with types of burner flexibly.

It adopts three-back drying tube structure with high thermal efficiency, small floor space.

Electric motor and draught fan adopts famous brand with reliable quality.

High-power motor adopts the frequency conversion control, and the energy consumption is low.

The whole system adopts interlocking control technology to monitor the temperature, speed, current and so on in time.

Drying System
Drying System
Drum Dryer
Drum Dryer

Mixing system with high performance

The mixing system is the most critical part of dry-mixed mortar production. It is also the “heart” of the factory. Good mixing uniformity, optimal mixing time, excellent repeat-ability, low maintenance rate! The high-speed flying knife can be arranged, the blade can be used according to the working condition to mix and scatter fiber and the pigment.

Accurate and reliable measuring and batching system

Accurate and efficient measuring system is very important for the product. For particles or material with poor fluidity, the measuring system with particular technology can realize fast, accurate and automatic measure. Measuring system mainly includes two parts, raw material measuring and admixture measuring.

Gas conveying system for admixture or ultra-fine powder

Each powder storage bin is equipped with a bag-type pulse dust collector and explosion-proof safety valve, and the material level indication to ensure the environment and safety.

Mortar Mixer for Sale
Mortar Mixer
Weighing Hopper
Weighing Hopper

Reliable dust removal system

Dust removal system is necessary equipment for dry mortar production line. According to different configuration needs, dust removal device is equipped at dust-prone points. This can ensure that all powder material can be mixed in seal condition, reduce the pollution to the environment. The dust emission meets the national environmental protection standards, which improves the labor conditions and recycling rate of raw material.

Convenient packaging system

The system is composed of packaging device, screw conveying device, packaged finished goods warehouse, dust removal device, belt conveyor and etc.

Dust Collector
Dust Collector
Packing Machine
Packing Machine

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Safe operation of dry mixing mortar plant

The equipment should keep stable and firm.

Before operation, check to ensure that the transmission system, working system, protection system are reliable, flexible operation, the clearance between bales and cylinder wall meets the standards, ends of stirring shaft are sealed well.

Switch on the power-supply, before stirring, clean stirring drum and stirring bales with wet cloth.

After start, test the equipment with no-load, check to ensure the rotating direction of stirring blades are right, then add material and water for mixing operation. The sand before add should be screened.

In operation, it is prohibited to use hands or sticks to reach into the mixing drum, or to clean up the mortar at the mouth of the drum.

During operation, if the failures make the equipment stop, cut off the power supply immediately, pull off the mortar of the drum, operate the equipment after trouble-shooting.

After operation, remove the mortar and accumulated material in the equipment, clean it with water, carry maintenance work and cut off the power.

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Our company provides dry mix mortar plant with many advantages, such as full computer control, high degree of automation, unique design, compact structure, simple process, energy-saving and environmental protection. It features magnificent appearance, good quality, high productivity and accurate mortar proportioning.

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