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Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Continuous asphalt mixing plant includes two types, stationary asphalt plant and mobile asphalt plant. The product models are ALT20, ALT40, ALT60 and ALT80.  Continuous asphalt plant has compact structure, it is mainly composed of cold material feeding system, asphalt feeding system, dry and heat system, finished goods storage system, dust removal system, electric control system.

Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale
Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant
Stationary Continuous Mixing Plant Supplier
Stationary Continuous Mixing Plant

Our group, a professional construction machinery supplier, provides reliable products, such as crusher plant, dry mortar plant, batching plant. These devices are designed and produced according to national standards. They can increase efficiency, ensure safety and improve working condition.

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer
Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale
Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Advantages of asphalt mixing plant

To make asphalt process easier and faster during construction, such as paving roads and rail airports, relevant departments choose asphalt batching plant. What are the benefits of continuous mixing plant?

The use of asphalt mixing plant can save more time to make the asphalt. Making asphalt by traditional equipment needs to go through complex process, costs more manpower and material resources. The asphalt quality also has a lot of problems. Asphalt mixing plant not only can avoid unnecessary operation process, but also can save more raw materials.

At present, the continuous asphalt drum plant not only has more reasonable structural design, but also can complete the installation and operation process faster and simpler. When the raw materials are put into the equipment for working hours, the stirring blades inside will process the raw materials quickly, so the asphalt made is reliable in quality and uniform in texture, and there will be no waste.

In order to improve the application advantages of asphalt mixing plant, many advanced manufacturing technologies have been selected. For example, the vibration screen mesh installed and used is more exquisite in design and production, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also reduces the probability of failure to some extent.


Type ALT20 ALT40 ALT60 ALT80
Production Capacity(t/h) 20 40 60 80
Total Power(kw) 50 75 123 140
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3) Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage(m3) 4.0m3×4
Unloading Height(m) 3
Control Mode Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto

Parts of continuous asphalt mixing plant

Cold material feeding system

It includes the batching machine, the filter screen, inclined belt conveyor. The batching machine is matched with 1-4 hoppers to store cold aggregate with different particle sizes. Every feeder is equipped with drive motor with frequency converter, so as to distribute the cold aggregate on demand. It can also be equipped with a weighing sensor in the feeder, which can be remotely controlled in the control room to achieve the accurate ratio of cold aggregate. Aggregate conveyor belt conveys cold aggregate on the small vibrating screen. Aggregates larger than 40mm in size are screened out, and the remaining qualified aggregates are transferred to the tilting belt conveyor and then to the drying drum.

Feeding system

Direct heat asphalt tank, energy-saving, high efficiency;

Rapid heating can keep the asphalt in the tank in liquid state, the temperature of the asphalt inside the tank is controllable.

The asphalt pump is driven by motor with converter. Asphalt station can control the amount of asphalt added when the machine works.

Muti-fuel to choose, coal, diesel and natural gas are available.

Asphalt Mixing Plant Delivery
Asphalt Mixing Plant Delivery

Dry and heat system

Dry Drum is equipped with two support roller ring, four support wheel, one drive roller ring, one drive gear ring, anti-offset wheel, the drum and the board. After the cold Aggregate enters the drying drum, the board will carry it to the top and then drop it to form the material curtain. The flame of the burner will pass through the material curtain to heat the cold aggregate and remove water.

Finished goods storage system

The finished product bin is placed at a certain height to facilitate truck loading. The finished goods warehouse adopts pneumatic door opening for convenient switch. There is a material level meter in the warehouse, which can prevent overflows effectively, and there is a temperature sensor, which can understand the temperature of finished goods in real time in the control room.

Dust removal system

The system adopts muti-grade dust remove. The primary dust collector is a cyclone dust collector. Its structure is simple, economical and high temperature resistant. The dust collecting device is cylindrical, the airflow enters tangentially, and the dust is separated under the action of centrifugal force. The cyclone dust collector can collect dust with particle size of more than 5 microns, and the dust removal efficiency is generally 5% to 85%.

The secondary dust removal adopts wet dust removal structure. It is mainly composed of dust remover with chimney, sedimentation tank and water pump. Wet dust remover has spray type, venturi type and other structural forms. At present, small asphalt plant mostly adopts venturi type dust remover, with good dust removal effect and the highest dust removal efficiency over 95%.

Electric control system

The control system adopts manual and semi-automatic control, with high degree of automation, effectively saving manpower and operating costs.

The operating table is equipped with the main motor current value and frequency value, the temperature of finished goods and cold aggregate, which is easy and intuitive to operate.

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Check work before using asphalt mixing plant

Check storage system

Check the sand hopper and other hoppers to ensure whether there are clutter, get rid of clutter. Check whether the water in the water storage tank is leaking or not, the water supply situation and the operation of the pump. The pump that has been out of use for a long time should be discharged and diverted. The same is true for the external additive box.

Check fuel tank

Check the oil level of the mixing plant lubricating oil tank, and the oil level of air compressor crankshaft oil tank. Add compressor oil when insufficient.

Check conveying system

Check whether the belt of conveying system is off track, adjust off-track belt timely. Check the steering of belt conveyor, whether the sound is normal, whether there is any debris in the motor shell, etc.  

Check pneumatic system

Check air compressor and motor working condition, sound, motor temperature, etc. Check the water accumulation in air-water separator. For too much water, open the method to discharge. Check the oil level in the oil mist. Before using the continuous asphalt mixing plant, open the lower drain screw plug of the gas storage cylinder.

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