Cement Mortar Pump for Sale

Cement Mortar Pump

Cement mortar pump adopts double-cylinder piston type, electric-hydraulic combined control and S-pipe valve. It has the advantages of stable system, simple control system, convenient operation, less maintenance .

The mortar pump can be used to transport mortar, foamed concrete and small aggregate concrete to high-rise buildings or long distance, which is convenient for construction. It has the advantages of continuous transportation, high efficiency, little interference with other equipment, the mortar can be transported to places where other equipment is difficult to approach, mortar flows in the pipeline, and will not cause environmental pollution.

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Cement Mortar Pump for Sale
Cement Mortar Pump
Cement Mortar Pump Manufacturer
Mortar Pump for Sale

Wide application of mortar pump

It is widely used in tunnel excavation and maintenance, road, bridge, dam, mine construction and foundation treatment of high-rise buildings and various grouting construction projects.

Types of cement mortar pump

Mortar pump is a kind of mortar pump specially designed for the transportation of mortar in grouting operations. It has advantages of durability, easy blockage, large conveying capacity and high pressure.

According to the model, it includes piston mortar pump, plunger mortar pump, screw mortar pump, hydraulic mortar pump.

According to the purpose, it includes mortar grouting pump and mortar conveying pump.

Main technical features

The appearance is beautiful and small, the structure is reasonable, the maintenance is convenient and fast;

The hydraulic system adopts double pumps and double circuits, logic control, stable and reliable;

The main oil pump is a variable plunger pump, the displacement is step-less, and the motor power can be utilized to the maximum extent.

Advanced S-pipe valve system, low resistance, good sealing, and automatic clearance compensation function.

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Mixing system of mortar mixing pump

The self-falling double-cone reverse discharging and stirring mechanism is adopted, the production efficiency is high, and the stirring quality is good;

The mixing drum adopts gear ring transmission, which has high transmission benefit, low failure rate and simple maintenance.

Hydraulic system of mortar mixing pump

Distribution valve adopts advanced S-tube valve, good sealing, simple and reliable structure. Cemented carbide is used for eye plate and wear-resistant ring, which has good wear resistance, long life and convenient replacement. The wear-resistant ring adopts automatic clearance mechanism.

The control mode is easy to operate, stable in operation and low in noise; has perfect electric-hydraulic overload protection and instrument display system; has anti-pump operation function; safe and reliable operation, easy to eliminate blockage faults; convenient maintenance;

Contactor and button switches and other electrical components, the protection level can achieve IP65, control circuit simple, reliable operation;

It is suitable for many kinds of mortar, such as spray mortar, wall mortar, ground mortar, small aggregate concrete and so on.

Working principle of cement mortar pump

AIMIX concrete pump is driven by 15 kw motor. It is mainly composed of double inlet and outlet, and hydraulic cylinder drive system. It mainly depends on the reciprocating of piston, sucking in mortar and pressing out mortar. This requires that the quality of piston must be wear-resistant and durable. The piston of mortar pump is made of imported material. It can generally work continuously for more than two months to avoid the trouble of replacement.

How does the pump increase efficiency?

The pump adopts the S-pipe valve for reversing. It has good sealing performance and long service life; the hydraulic system adopts air-cooled heat dissipation, the feeding height is low, and the use is simple and convenient; the blockage of the pipeline can be reduced to the maximum extent, and the service life of the rotating member can be effectively prolonged. when the concrete is pumped, the function of the mortar can not only fill the space between the stones, but also play the role of lubrication, therefore, when the concrete is pumped, a proper sand law is required, not only the friction in the aggregate is reduced but also the plastic viscosity is reduced, and the bonding property is improved, the concrete can achieve the best pumping efficiency.

To sum up, the concrete pump has the advantages of uniform mixing slurry, good stability and easy adjustment of the proportion of mortar, stone and cement.

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