Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt Drum Plant

Asphalt drum plant is necessary equipment for building highway, classified highway, municipal road, airports and ports. It is composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and stirring system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished goods bin and control system.

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Types of asphalt drum plant

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
Stationary Asphalt Drum Plant
Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Supplier
Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Asphalt drum plant includes different types. Customers can choose suitable type according to practical needs.

According to the degree of mobility, the plant is divided into mobile type, semi-stationary type and stationary type.

Mobile type, silos and mixing pots have tires and can be transferred with the construction site. It is suitable for county and township highways and low-grade highway projects.

Semi-stationary type, the equipment will be installed on several trailers and assembled at the construction site, mostly for highway construction.

Stationary type, fix the equipment on operation site. It is also known as asphalt concrete processing plant, suitable for centralized projects, urban road construction. The equipment mixes separately in one pot and one pot, 45 to 60 seconds for each pot. The output depends on the type of equipment.


Type ALT20 ALT40 ALT60 ALT80
Production Capacity(t/h) 20 40 60 80
Total Power(kw) 50 75 123 140
Fuel Consumption(kg/t) 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Effect of De-dusting(mg/Nm3) Dust discharge concentration≤50(Bag dust)
Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage(m3) 4.0m3×4
Unloading Height(m) 3
Control Mode Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto

Asphalt drum mix plant process

The following includes a description of the parts and how these facilities work to produce hot mix asphalt.

Storage silos

After the aggregate and asphalt cement are mixed in the drum, the resulting hot mix is discharged to the storage silos. Generally there are two types of silos: surge and storage. Surge silos are usually insulated but unheated and are designed to hold hot mix for short periods of time (several hours) between truck arrivals. Storage silos are well insulated, heated, near air-tight and are designed to hold hot mix for long periods of time (up to a week).

Fines/additional silo

Some plants may have additional silos for storing mineral filler or fines from the bag-house (secondary collector) or special additives that added to the mix.

Bag-house (secondary collector)

The bag-house removes fine particulate matter from the dryer exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

Asphalt cement storage tanks

Asphalt cement is stored in tanks while awaiting delivery to the drum. Asphalt cement in the tanks is heated between 300℉ and 350℉ depending on the grade and type of asphalt. Asphalt is delivered from the tanks to the drum for mixing with the aggregate.

Cold Feed Unit
Cold Feed Unit
Asphalt Tank
Asphalt Tank


The rotating drum first heats the aggregate then mixers the hot aggregate with asphalt cement. There are two basic types of drum mixers: (1) parallel flow (where the aggregate enters the drum at the same end as the burner and travels parallel to the hot air steam). (2) counter-flow (where the aggregate enters the drum at the opposite end from the burner and travels counter to the hot air stream). Asphalt is added to, and mixed with, the hot aggregate in the drum at different locations depending upon the design of the drum mixer.

Cold feed bins

Stockpiled aggregates are loaded into the cold feed bins for delivery into the aggregate dryer. Each bin holds a separate aggregate size or gradation. They have an adjustable gate that meters the aggregate onto the moving conveyor belt. The gate opening and the conveyor belt speed control the amount of aggregate introduced into the plant, and that controls the mix gradation.

Cold feed for reclaimed asphalt pavement(RAP)

RAP can be used in hot mix at ratios up to about 50 percent. RAP is generally loaded into its own cold feed bin then moved by conveyor belt to be discharged directly into the drum where it is heated by the already hot aggregate.

Primary collector

The primary collector, located between the dryer and secondary collector, removes large dust particles from the exhaust gases before entering the more efficient secondary collector (bag-house).

Rotary Dryer for Sale
Rotary Dryer
Burning System
Burning System

Control center

The control center manages operations from a central location. Most modern continuous asphalt plants are sophisticated facilities and are computer controlled.

Truck loading area

Trucks are loaded from the storage silos. A weigh scale is typically located here to ensure trucks are loaded with the correct amount of mix.

Unique features

The agitator uses high strength wear-resistant material, which improves its service life.

Two-stage water-type dust collector system and negative pressure dust-proof design of building body are economical and practical, which can reduce investment cost for customers.

Linear vibrating screen driven by imported vibration motor improves screening efficiency and reduces equipment failure rate.

The aggregate hoist adopts plate chain lifting, which increases the service life of the hoist and improves the stability of its operation.

Optimized structure of drying drum feeding plate makes drying system more efficient and stable.

The whole machine adopts modular design, which makes the handling and installation more convenient.

Reasonable design of asphalt drum plant

The recirculating belt conveyor of the proportion has the advantages of variable frequency speed regulation, adjustable height and unique structure for easy replacement of belt, smoother feeding and less power consumption. It is convenient to customers.

Thermal insulation drying drum, special blade and material curtain form make heat exchange more fully, and then with energy-saving imported burner, heavy and diesel dual-use, saving energy consumption.

Vibrating screen adopts linear enclosed structure with external vibration body, which has high screening efficiency, convenient maintenance and replacement of screen mesh, and more reliable imported bearing shaft.

The hot aggregate bin is equipped with a continuous level device, which can be seen at a glance by the operator. And the measurement of aggregate adopts the second measurement of big and small doors, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy. The material gate with special structure is not easy to jam material and works more reliably.

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