After-sales Service

AIMIX Group has 8 overseas offices and more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. The company’s dedicated after-sales service center deploys, manages and creates detailed customer service files. Our after-sales service engineers are experienced and fully competent for the job, including the equipment installation and commissioning, staff training, free technical advisory service and other services.

LBS Center
LBS Center

Service Concept

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success

AIMIX Service

  • Equipment installation, commissioning and acceptance

We send after-sales service engineers to install and commission the equipment, and after the installation and commissioning of the equipment, there is a special department to conduct customer return visits.

  • Technical materials, warranty period and technical service

We provide product certification, instruction manual, maintenance technical specifications, spare parts and attached tools. We also train the operator and maintenance personnel and provide technical advisory service. We provide lifelong service support for equipment.

  • Timely supply of accessories

Timely supply of repair parts for equipment

  • 24/7 comprehensive service

If you have any questions, call the after-sales service center.

Tel: 0086 371 5515 9266, 0086 187 3715 6711

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